Had to make this post, not that this area is unknown but to confirm my support to what they are doing in this alternative community.

Since it’s establishment in the early 70’s as a hippie community is has been troubled by controversy.

However it also managed to give many troubled young people a home; values and living that got them away from the streets and away from the crime.

For foreigners it is most known for it’s selling of hash in Pusher Street but but lesser known for also banning all hard drugs from the territory efficiently enforced by the local residents as the police is mostly undesired in this place.

When you do visit – it is free to get in but please do not forget to buy a Christiania Share! I bought one for 50Kr and it supports the community there!


Home of the Christiania Bikes:


Be sure to have a longer walk outside the main areas to see some gems of alternative housing:



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